What is Out With Cancer ?

Out With Cancer was developed by Malecare in 2005 and formed as a nonprofit in March, 2006. It is the first national nonprofit in the Untied States to focus entirely on issues faced by LGBT people diagnosed with cancer. Our goal is to unite all LGBT people through programs and experiences to empower cancer survivors.

What is Out With Cancer’s relationship with Malecare, Inc?

Out With Cancer is a natural outgrowth of Malecare’s mission to raise awareness and diminish the threat of cancer in the LGBT community. Many of the people who started Out With Cancer are affiliated with Malecare.

What is Malecare?

Malecare was formed as a nonprofit in 1998. Most all of Malecare’s programs, events, publications and presentations are gay focused. By 2000, Malecare had developed and continues to facilitate an ever growing national network of online and in-person support groups gay, bi and transgender people diagnosed with cancer. For the public, Malecare facilities support groups for men diagnosed with breast cancer, and a program for African American fathers.

Who runs and funds Out With Cancer?

Out With Cancer is entirely managed by volunteers, most all of whom are licensed social workers or psychologists. This website is edited by Darryl Mitteldorf, LCSW.
Out With Cancer is financed entirely by individual donations. Out With Cancer programs and activities are provided without cost to the public.

Where can we see Out With Cancer, online?



For more information, please email info@outwithcancer.com