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Gay men are banned from blood and bone marrow donations in the United States and Canada.  Aside from inequity, this impacts directly on the survival of cancer patients seeking bone marrow or blood donations from matching gay relatives.  It is time to change the policy for all men who have sex with men.

From an article in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal:  Since 1983, blood agencies in Canada, the United States and other industrialized countries have disallowed blood donations from men who have sex with men because of the possibility of infection with HIV/AIDS. The exclusion barred men who had sex with men from 1977 onwards as it was determined this date preceded the start of the AIDS epidemic. Read More→

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Today, An FDA advisory committee voted to recommend approval of the vaccine Gardasil for males ages 9 to 26 to prevent genital warts, but not to prevent cancer. Read More→

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Gay and Bisexual men diagnosed with Prostate Cancer are invited to participate in a survey. David Latini, PhD, the Houston Texas Malecare Gay Men with Prostate Cancer support group leader, is one of the principle investigators. Read More→

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Researchers at the Boston University School of Public Health want to interview gay men who have been treated for prostate cancer Read More→

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GMHC, Malecare and Out With Cancer supports increased funding for prevention and treatment of anal cancer among gay men. Read More→

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A new US study suggests there is a link between marijuana use and elevated risk of the most aggressive form of testicular cancer, Read More→

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  • About 1% of sexually active men in the U.S. have genital warts at any one time. Read More→
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Anal Cancer in Gay and Bisexual Men

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Anal cancer has been reported in our Gay and Bisexual community by Malecare, since 1998. Read More→

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Out With Cancer, our country’s first National LGBT Cancer Project, says further research must be conducted to examine gender and sexual identity differences in cancer testing. Read More→

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Gay and bisexual men on surveillance or “watchful waiting” for prostate cancer are urged to participate Read More→

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