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We are Proud to Announce the New LGBTQ cancer support group in Baton Rouge, meeting will be on Thursday July 19 at 7 pm. The meetings will be held at the Metropolitan Community Church of Baton Rouge at 7747 Tom Drive. Everyone who can get there is invited!
Contact for more information.


LGBT Cultural Competency

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LGBT Cultural Competency is critical for helping Gay, Lesbian, Transgender and Bisexual cancer patients. Contact us at or at 212-673-4920 for more information on how you can be LGBT Culturally Competent.

The National LGBT Cancer Project – Out With Cancer, has a new Facebook page! Now, all Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender cancer survivors and their allies have a welcoming Facebook page to meet on and post to. Please show your support for this new initiative by visiting and clicking Please “like” LG “Like.”

LGBT cancer survivors find peer support on . Out With
Cancer’s online support community is password protected, open 24/7, and free.
Professionally managed by oncology social workers. Now entering it’s fifth year, many
hundreds of cancer survivor’s from our community have found health tips, hope and new
friends in their efforts to live longer and happier lives, past the diagnosis of cancer.

The Stonewall Charity just completed a survey, which says  that 8% of lesbians aged 50-79 develop breast cancer compared to 2% of straight women. Read More→

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Approximately 2800 British women  are diagnosed with cervical cancer each year. Read More→

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Research has suggested that government guidelines should be revised to ensure more lesbian women are screened for cervical cancer. Read More→

“Lesbians, or women who partner with women, are not at an increased risk for breast cancer due to their sexual orientation but Read More→

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A young woman who shaved off her hair in tribute to a friend who died of cancer has told how she was subjected to taunts and abuse for being bald. Read More→


Lesbian Cancer Initiative

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Great little story about the Lesbian Cancer Initiative in NYC. Read More→