Gay & Bisexual Prostate Cancer Survey

By on Friday, July 31st, 2009

Gay and Bisexual men diagnosed with Prostate Cancer are invited to participate in a survey. David Latini, PhD, the Houston Texas Malecare Gay Men with Prostate Cancer support group leader, is one of the principle investigators. This survey began in September 2008 and will continue until 100 men are interviewed.
The Scott Department of Urology at Baylor College of Medicine and Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada, are trying to understand how prostate cancer affects the lives of gay and bisexual men. The survey explores how gay men feel about their prostate cancer diagnosis, what treatments they have received, and how those treatments may have affected their lives and relationships.

You’ll get a short phone call to make sure you are eligible and then you’ll be asked to complete a web-based survey. That will take about 45 minutes.
The survey will include questions about how prostate cancer has affected your health and your relationships. Some questions will ask about treatment-related side-effects.

Partners of participants are also encouraged to  join the survey.  Partners will be invited to complete a separate web-based survey about his experience, as a partner of a man with prostate cancer.

You get $20 if you participate.

All information is CONFIDENTIAL

To be a part of the study, please call or email:

Phone: 1-866-643-7604

Any questions you may have about being a gay or bisexual man or a transgender woman and diagnosed with prostate cancer can be emailed to darryl@malecare.com


  1. Lee Evans says:

    I was treated for PC 2 years ago, at age 60. When first diagnosed I was suicidal, fears of sexual dysfunction was/is a horrific upset to my psche. I now regret my decision to treat the disease at all. My worst fears have been actualized, and as a bisexual, widowed man, living with my gay daughter, aspects of the disease I can’t relate to her about. Since diagonsis I have gained 5o lbs., have had hypo-gonadism, and chronic pain from poly-arthritis (seemingly unrelated to PC). I have noticed decrease in penis size, adding insult to injury. Can you suggest a NYC support group? Suggestions welcome.
    Thank you, sorry such a downer.

  2. LGBT Cancer says:

    Hi Lee: You are not alone. We have several groups in NYC for gay men with cancer, and two for gay and bisexual men with prostate cancer. I will email you, directly, with more information.

  3. Pat Granado says:

    I like this site. I found it in Bing. I will come here more often.

  4. Mitch Pierce says:

    I’ve only recently been diagnosised with PCa. I have done a fair amount of research to help myself, understand prostate cancer and asist in making a treatment decision. I am 50 years old and both my father and maternal grandfather died of PCa. I live in rural East Texas, about 70 miles out of Dallas, I’m sure their no gay prostate cancer support groups in my area. Would concider driving to Dallas, but are their any online groups I could contact?

  5. IAMGOOGLE says:

    so precise and concise. i really learned something today about Lesbian cancer survivors. I did not know there were som many issues related to access to health care.

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