Hair Loss from Chemo incites Homophobia

By on Thursday, June 26th, 2008

A young woman who shaved off her hair in tribute to a friend who died of cancer has told how she was subjected to taunts and abuse for being bald.
“I was called baldy and people even called me a lesbian. Girls in toilets in pubs said I shouldn’t be able to use them because I was a lesbian. I just had to shrug it off but I was so angry at the time, said the Edinburgh, Scotland resident.
So, imagine that you have been out for a few years and enjoying a relatively homophobic free, love filled, happy time, and now, as a chemo patient, with your hair falling out, the dark masses start hurling “dyke” at you….not because they see you as lesbian from style or declaration, but because you have lost your hair from chemo. Please tell us your stories.

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