Lesbians feel more Holiday Stress than Heterosexual Counterparts

By on Friday, December 21st, 2007

When it comes to stress or depression during the holiday season, lesbians tend to feel both at higher levels than their heterosexual counterparts. In a new survey conducted by Harris Interactive, four out of five (80%) of lesbian adults say they tend to feel more stressed around the holidays while 64% of the heterosexual women surveyed said they tend to feel more stressed. Additionally, while half (51%) of lesbians said they tend to feel depressed around the holidays, only 36% of heterosexual women said they did.

Stress and depression have major impacts on  treatments for cancer, said Dr. Linda Spooner, Chair of The Mautner Projects Board of Directors and a practicing physician in Washington, D.C. More research and more funding for lesbian health initiatives would enable the community to gauge where lesbians are found on the health issues continuum, and further advance health and wellness for this population, said Spooner.

As the developer of our first national nonprofit LGBT cancer project,  Malecare calls on mental health and medical researchers to do more to include lesbians in their studies so that our community as well as lesbians individually can understand how to do more to take care of themselves and prevent disease.


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