LGBT Cancer Holiday Wishes

By on Monday, December 10th, 2007

Malecare’s LGBT cancer project, OutWithCancer , marches into it’s third year of service to our community.  Our OutWithCancer LGBT social network continues to be a rich and dynamic  community of cancer survivors.     Our various web sites and publications continue to be fountain of information and authority on cancer issues.  And, proudly, OutWithCancer continues to draw national attention.    Let no one doubt that  LGBT cancer survivors have a national nonprofit. Our work is powerful and conducted with extreme economy.  OutWithCancer is here to stay and grow.

OutWithCancer is focused on us, the diagnosed, the caregivers, the lovers, the friends and the family of all LGBT people diagnosed with cancer.

A warm hug of thanks to all whose spirit fills our work.  And, to you, the inner glow of happiness and well being that OutWithCancer brings to all we meet and help.

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