LGBT Cancer — Survivor Tips — Tip 6

By on Saturday, June 7th, 2008

No. 6: Do not allow your caregivers to project their values, goals and
expectations onto you.
In my book I tell the story of a 68-year-old man who was diagnosed with PCa
(prostate cancer). And this man is in very good health other than the PCa.
His 35-year-old doctor reasoned that since his life expectancy was only five
or six years, that he recommended that the man do nothing for his PCa and
told him it would take the PCa four or five years to kill him. This man
wanted to live to be 80 or 85. He didn’t accept that. He had his prostate
removed, and many years later he’s in good health, and probably will live to
be 80 or 85. Don’t let your doctor project his or her expectations in life
out on you.

One of ten tips from Hamilton Jordan, the former White House chief of staff for President Jimmy Carter, a well-known force in the health community. During the past 24 years he battled four different forms of cancer and urged cancer patients to empower themselves with information.

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