LGBT Cancer — Survivor Tips

By on Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

No. 1: Be an active partner in the medical decisions that are made about
your life.
Don’t be passive. Learn about your disease, and participate in the decisions
that are made?.For example with my lymphoma, if I would have accepted the
first treatment offered, I’d be dead today. It was assumed that I only had a
mass in my chest. I later learned that the lymphoma was all through my body.

One of ten tips from Hamilton Jordan, the former White House chief of staff for President Jimmy Carter, a well-known force in the health community. During the past 24 years he battled four different forms of cancer and urged cancer patients to empower themselves with information.

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  1. Psiplex says:

    Excellent points! Just starting recovery-one week into post chemo and radiation. Now is the time to be very aware and active in decisions. When I was undergoing treatment I made a post on my blog about steps to take after diagnosis.

    Stay strong and best wishes in your continued fight, healing and survival.

    One Love

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